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Southwest abject failure!

New Arrival

Has anyone else had a problem with southwest living up to an agreement they made with you? On June 15th I checked in for my nonstop flight from Las Vegas to Columbus, Ohio. About 2 hours later I received a phone call from them asking if I would be willing to switch my flight to an earlier departure with a stop in Baltimore. My flight would arrive at about the same time even though my travel time would be several hours more. They said the flight I had a boarding pass on was oversold and they were offering me either a $300 voucher or 18,000 miles. I said I would take the miles and I “thought” I was all set. Now we’re over a week later and still no miles added to my account. I’ve sent their customer service two unanswered emails. I’ve phoned The 800# and spoke to a gentlemen who said he wasn’t Involved in the Transaction so I’d have to deal with customer service who isn’t responding. 

what can I do but tell everyone here to not trust them!


Re: Southwest abject failure!

Top Contributor

Sorry to hear of your experience you could try reaching out to Southwest on Facebook or Twitter in a DM and hopefully they can assist you. You could also reach out to customer relations at 855-234-4654.