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#Standby My Plane

Explorer C

I thought it couldn't get any better than A List, A List Preferred, and Companion Pass status with SWA.  Well, yesterday the launch of the A List and A List Preferred. Standby option was the icing on the cake.  That's it! You guys will never get ride of me now.  Me and SWA 4Life!!!! #StandByMyPlane  #KissesToSWA  #CanYouMarryAnAirline  


Re: #Standby My Plane

Adventurer C

Check the fine print. They only allow a change to a flight within two hours of your departure time. Not great. 

Re: #Standby My Plane

Adventurer A

it's only 2 houres AFTER your flight- if you want to leave ewarlier, you have to pay- not a good perk for me!