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Tier Qualifying Points

New Arrival

I was reviewing my Rapid Rewards account and see that I have 1,500 or 3,000 Tier points credits just about every month this year and last year. On the report they're all listed as credit card. The points for flying are clearly identified. I run all my bills and expenses through the SW card to maximize my point.


There are three months this year where I wasn't credited any Tier points. My monthly expenditures on the card during these 3 months are on par with the other months. Are these some sort of bonus? How are they earned and how do I determine if I should have received them in those 3 months? I doubt the SW computers made a mistake but I'd like to verify since the end of the year is drawing near.




Re: Tier Qualifying Points

Top Contributor

Tier qualifying points max out after you hit $100,000 of spend in a year. My guess is you bumped the limit.


Here are the rules:


1,500 Tier Qualifying Points
towards A-List and A-List Preferred status for every $10,000 spent, up to $100,000.


So the maximum number of tier points you can earn in a year is 15,000