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Re: Use rapid rewards points for Amazon gift cards

Explorer C

This was a very interesting thread for me and beware to all.   I also ordered Amazon gift cards with my Rewards points previously and had them in my safe until I wanted to use them.  Today I got them out and tried to use them for a purchase on Amazon and it said they had already been used.   I knew I had not used them but double checked my orders and gift cards and they were not used on my account.  Called Amazon and they gave me the first name who had redeemed them but nothing more.  I have never heard the name.  They are supposedly researching but after researching some on the internet others are saying Amazon will do nothing.   So these cards did come in snail mail and interestingly the code on the back is not covered.  They have not left my house since they were received so not sure how the code was compromised but wonder if that is why they were not or are not available through the program now.  Very disappointing.  So unless the program has changed I would say BEWARE if ordering gift cards from Amazon with your Rapid Rewards points.   You may have nothing when you try to use them.