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Will wife be denied bonus because I have RR card?

Explorer C

Back in 2017 I got a RR Plus card with the California companion pass promo. Because this makes me ineligible for the current signup/companion bonuses, my wife, who has no southwest cards, applied for the business card (60k bonus) and Plus card (50k bonus). She was approved for the business card and never heard back about the plus card for several days. After calling Chase, they didn't have any record of the Plus application. She applied again, for the Priority this time, thinking maybe the original link didn't work or she forgot to do the final submit. A couple days later we found she was approved for the priority. Great, right?


Today we got a letter that she was denied the plus because "you already have this product", and it listed the last 4 digits of my plus card, which she is not the an authorized user of. This wouldn't be a big deal since she's approved for the business and priority now, but who's to say Chase won't deny the priority card bonus because they think she already has a RR card just like they thought she did when she first applied? We have a linked Chase checking account, but that's it. Is this common where one spouses previous card/bonus counts as the others even without being an authorized user? Do I need to call the recon number to straighten this out (even though I don't want to get the plus card approved at this point)?


Re: Will wife be denied bonus because I have RR card?

Frequent Flyer C



I am sorry to hear about the bad experience. Just double check with southwest airlines and Chase bank before doing it so. Just to ensure by asking the questions before purchasing the ticket for your wife.


On other things, I am hearing about many peoples are complaining about between southwest and Chase when peoples are being denied or misuse or lost their point and so on. I am starting to feel that "Games peoples like to play" thing to makes peoples goes around when it comes to buying tickets with point.


I am not a frequent flyer and I normally fly few times a year.

Re: Will wife be denied bonus because I have RR card?

Aviator A

Yeah that doesn’t sound right. She should be able to get her own. The only reason I could think that might throw that off is if she is an authorized user on your card???


Either way, I think it is worth a call to Chase to clarify. Let us know what you find out, pls. 

-A List, Companion Pass holder