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rapid rewards issues

Explorer C

each month we recieve a email from rapid rewards telling us how close we are to obtaining a companion pass    in early december  i recieved one that stated i was   lets say   15000 point short of the  dollar amount purchased on my chase rapid rewards card 


their email  goes something like this    sent on 12/7/2016


You're closer than ever! Earn the last points you need.

You're 92% of the way to Companion Pass! As a Companion Pass holder, you can pick any person to fly free* whenever you do for the rest of this year and all of next year. Who will share your travels next year?

0 / 100 flights†
101,481 / 110,000 points†


  so  if the goal is  110000 points and at a dollar per point   i would need to use my cc

and charge  8519.00 in order to hit the threshold in order to obtain the companion pass status     i charged actually over  15000.00 in dec     but they applied it all to my 2017 rapid rewards points    i think the email that is sent in dec is very mis leading    they will tell u its not them that apply the points its the chase cc company    i think that pretty sad  and i have been a member for many years      really not ok     disatisfied in west palm beach




Re: rapid rewards issues

Retired Community Manager



Nobody likes to lean in the Customer’s favor more than Southwest Airlines, which is why we make the account information and progress towards Tier status readily available online, like you've shown in the screenshot.


In order to maintain the integrity of our Rapid Rewards program and continue to provide the perks associated with each Tier Status, we must consistently adhere to our program rules. Saying “no” to a request for a Tier Status that has not been truly earned helps ensure that we are able to say “yes” to offering benefits to our qualifying Members in the future. We encourage Members to familiarize themselves with their statement schedule so there won't be any surprises at the end of the year.