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Cancelled twice as well and still not home

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I flew into San Antonio for a wedding that took place on Thursday. I was supposed to leave Saturday back home to Denver on a nonstop flight. I had to rebook my cancelled flight for Sunday morning, then that flight was cancelled so I am rebooked for flying out Monday. I have to fly to Houston to connect to Denver. So the nonstop flight I paid for is a waste. And now it’s going to take over five more hours to get home. On top of the two and a half days I’ve been stuck. I’m also losing out on work pay as I am not salaried as well has having to pay extra for food and toiletries since I only brought enough for the couple days I had planned to be away so I could carry on. I haven’t found any information about what SW is going for all of us. I know we are all out extra time and money. I always love SW because they are usually the fastest and no hassle way to travel. Not feeling that right now. Has anyone heard how to get help and compensation?


Re: Cancelled twice as well and still not home

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You can send your feedback and request for compensation to Southwest 

Contact Southwest Customer Service

Putting the comments in writing will be better than calling.