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Covid19 travel restrictions

Explorer C

My wife and I tested positive for Covid19 over the holidays.  We both had symptoms for two days, and we quarantined for five days.  My wife retested and was negative.  I retested and I am still positive although I don't have any symptoms.  i called Southwest Customer service and asked if we can fly back in two days.  The answer I got was a simple YES.  But I have my reservations about the expertise of the customer care representative and I want to make sure we will be allowed to fly home.  Does anyone know what questions will be asked at the airport?  And if there will be any restrictions on passengers who quarantined for 5 days but still test positive?  


Re: Covid19 travel restrictions

Aviator A

There are no Covid related travel restrictions of any kind. No one will question you.


Use your  own judgement. Mask up. Keep washing hands, etc.

Re: Covid19 travel restrictions

Aviator A

Here's the CDC:


COVID-19 | Disease Directory | Travelers' Health | CDC



Here is the "ending isolation" guidance.

Isolation and Precautions for People with COVID-19 | CDC



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