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Every Tuesday ticket price changes

Frequent Flyer B



Re: Every Tuesday ticket price changes

Frequent Flyer A

That's usually the pattern I see. Although it doesn't happen every Tuesday, I'll usually see some kind of promo announced on the second day of my workweek...This time, it's the "Super Low Sale Fare" promo--as low as $39 one way--which looks to be another nice one!


This sale goes through Mon 12/18 with U.S. travel valid 1/3-5/22/24. I may be able to get some of my spring trips booked during this promo whereas the prior WOW50 and CYBER30 sales only went as far as early March.

Re: Every Tuesday ticket price changes

Aviator A

@CupCrusher40 wrote:


The prices may be updated as often as every half hour but there is a trend for the industry to make updates and respond to each other's pricing in cycles.


This would be in addition to the changes three weeks out when there might be an increase, a week out, and two days out but that varies by route.


But with Southwest it's easy - go ahead and book it and then if the price lowers on a Tuesday you can reprice it for a travel credit.





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