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Flight credit

Explorer C

Was wondering why my flight credit is not coming up or working when I search it? Long story short, we canceled our flight due to covid and Southwest issued us a flight credit for $667 with a 6 digit confirmation number. However, when I looked up available flight credits, it just says that there is a problem and to call Southwest. 


Anyone have this happen? Were we f'ed over?


Re: Flight credit

Adventurer B

Generally flight credits do not expire. As the note said call SWA. They have always beeen helpful can can track the history of the recod locator for you.


Re: Flight credit

Aviator A

Flight credits used to expire That changed on July 28, 2022.


If your credits had an expiration date before 7/28/22, then they expired.


You mentioned a 6 digit confirmation number. Flight credits do not have confirmation numbers. Vouchers do, and vouchers expire one year from date of issue. I   don;t recall whether or not vouchers received special treatment due to Covid.

Re: Flight credit

Explorer C

I just had the exact same thing happen to me, I had a bunch of COVID related flight credits sitting on my account. I am certain I was told they didn't expire at the time (unlike United and American).  I just went to cash in and got the same error message.  I called and the representative told me they only just changed the policy on 07/28/2022 so I am out of luck on $1500 worth of credits.