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How to book Senior fare?

Adventurer B

I am 66 yrs old and longtime SWA patron.  I just read in the Community about Seniors fare.  This is the first I have heard or seen when booking a flight.  Supposedly for 65+ yrs?  How do you book a senior fare?  I just tried booking a reservation.  When I click the Passenger box, the options are Adult (18 and over), Teens, Children, and Lap Children.  I see nowhere to take advantage of booking a low-er Senior Fare.  Am I missing something?


Re: How to book Senior fare?

Frequent Flyer A

Unfortunately, Southwest Airlines discontinued their senior fares several years ago.  Your only option, now, is an adult fare...which is still a great value.


Safe travels!!

Re: How to book Senior fare?

Aviator A

Also, when they still existed, Sotuhwest's senior fares were discounted Anytime fares, so they were the cheapest refundable fare one could buy, but they were not the cheapest. The cheapest was and is a Wanna Get Away fare.