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In need of Southwest LUV Customer Service.

Explorer C

Under “Contact Us’ on the website, it suggests calling the 1-800 number if we receive an error code. I did and was told by the representative that they cannot assist with online error messages. They also could not direct me to a customer service agent that could assist with online error messages.

If I want to fly Southwest Airlines, as the A-List Preferred member that I am, I am forced to purchase regular priced tickets, which are for a location and dates NOT excluded in the Cyber 30 promotion because I cannot get the code to apply, because I am concerned the price of those fares will increase due to decreased availability due to this promotion if I don’t. Is there no one at Southwest Airlines that can offer assistance with this? I need some Southwest LUV.  


Re: In need of Southwest LUV Customer Service.

Aviator A

Not all city pairs are included in the sale. I tried to book DAL/MDW  and got the error message.


If you try to book a city pair that is excluded from the sale, you get the error.