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Joining reservatoins

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I need to book a flight for myself and 2 children. It is a work related trip so my expense is paid but I want to use points for my children. Am I able to book together or link reservations?


Re: Joining reservatoins

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You can't make a single reservation using a combination of points and cash.  You can use your points to book flights for anyone, regardless if you are on the reservation or not so you'll need to make two reservations, one for you with cash and one for the kids with points.  The only benefit in getting the reservations combined would be to have a single check-in instead of checking in for your reservation and then for the kids' reservation.  I believe Southwest can combine/link the 2 PNRs to create a single check-in for you, but I'm not sure if that can be done with reservations paid for two different ways.  You can call Southwest or reach out via private message on Twitter.



Re: Joining reservatoins

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@PoteeteZ wrote:
To ensure a safe and secure place to stay during their visit to another town, guests generally prefer to make advance reservations in hotels and other types of accommodation units.All hotels will readily accept advance reservations and booking in order to achieve high occupancy and to maximize their room revenue.

So, how is your comment IN ANY WAY relevant to the comment made by the OP?

Re: Joining reservatoins

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for next time may be easier if work gave you cash and made reservation yourself for your loving family.