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More flight options to come?

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We were booked for mid-July non-stop to California from Texas.  We got switched to a 1 stop and later arrival.  Now you've changed us again to 2 stops!!!  Are there going to be more flights added if and when (before July) things open up more and more people are traveling?  Will I get first chance at those non-stop flights?  


Re: More flight options to come?

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There are already more flights scheduled for July than there are now. Could that increase if more people fly than expected? Yes. Could that decrease if   fewer people fly then expected? Yes. No one knows.


Since the airline has rebooked you, you have the right to right to tell the airline you don't like that flight and to pick a flight of your choosing. It must be the same routing ie same departure and destination cities.


You also have the right to change departure dates. Normally date changes  of plus or minus 14 days are allowed. There are reports that  that airline is allowing changes  of plus or minus 30 days now.



I believe the rebooking computer  is programmed to rebook people to the first available flight AFTER your initial departure time.  If that is true, then there might be something earlier in the day.


Just keep looking at the schedule, and if you see something you like, then change to it.


Re: More flight options to come?

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Can I ask the actual cities? I've looked at the schedule as I also have travel from CA to Texas in early August but still see several nonstop flights. If Southwest ever changes your flight they always give you the option online to change your flight to one that better accommodates your schedule for free. I am seeing all over LA and San Diego to El Paso, Dallas and Houston nonstop. Haven't checked other cities but those all have nonstop in July/August from what I looked at just now.


So if they changed you from nonstop to 1 or 2 stops you can check the flights for that day and change it back to nonstop at a different time for free even if it was more expensive than your original flight.