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Move cancellation refund into RR account

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I had to cancel a trip I paid for for me and my wife. I had a Rapid Rewards (RR) account at the time of the purchase. Upon cancellation, the canceled funds were split, half showing up in my RR account and my wife's funds showing up nowhere. So my wife created her own RR account, but the funds don't show up. Anyone have a suggestion?
I've tried calling SW, but the wait times are forever, and they don't respond on Twitter.


Re: Move cancellation refund into RR account

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If you were booked on the same confirmation number her funds will be held under that confirmation number so when she goes to book a new flight she can look at the confirmation number that is under your account and just enter her name when applying the funds on the payment screen. 


At this time there is not a way to add the funds to an account after you cancel a booking without a RR account being on the reservation before canceling. Had she had an account then added the number to the reservation then cancelled it would have showed up but in this case it's not linked so it won't be in her account. (Sorry if that sounds complicated)


The other option would be to rebook a flight while logged in to her RR account using all of her funds  and cancel then the funds will show up in the account. So if she has $100 in TFs find a $100 flight book it then cancel (while she is logged in) and boom the funds will show up for when she wants to book later without remembering the confirmation number. 



Re: Move cancellation refund into RR account

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