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Open ended ticket

Explorer C

I need to purchase a 1 way open ended plane ticket. I have less than a year left to live. I am making my final arrangements. The plane ticket is for my best friend so she can attend my funeral. She doesn't have much money. I plan on giving her my new car I just bought so she can drive herself back home. That's why I only need a 1 way open ticket.


Re: Open ended ticket

Aviator A



I hope that the diagnosis you've received proves to be wrong. Miracles do happen.In your case, I hope that ne does.


I don't think that any airline sells open jaws anymore. Yu could do one of two things:


1) give her money for the ticket


2) buy an"anytime" ticket for a specific date, and when that date is close to passing, change it (at no cost) to another date. Keep doing that until the date the ticket is going to be used.

You could buy a non refundable ticket and do the same thing. The problem with that scenario is that if it's changed to a date in the one week or so before the travel date, that the fare paid will be far below the then current fare (tickets bought for future travel normally cost lots less than tickets bought for travel in the next week or so.


Anytime tickets cost more, but normally the cost is close to the same whether it is bought for travel tomorrow or three months from now.


Anyway, good luck with your condition.