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Saturday vs Sunday passenger counts

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I'm going to be taking a trip from Phoenix to Pittsburgh at the end of February, and am trying to decide between booking my flight to leave on a Saturday or a Sunday morning. I'd like to pick the less busy day to reduce my chances of being on a fully filled plane.. But I don't know, between Saturday and Sunday, which day would be better?


I know in the past, airports used to be at their busiest on Sundays, but not sure if that is still true due to how COVID has changed business travel. Can anyone who has been flying throughout 2020 help me out?




Re: Saturday vs Sunday passenger counts

Top Contributor

TSA passenger counts indicate that fewer people still  travel on Saturdays than Sundays.



Re: Saturday vs Sunday passenger counts

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Saturdays are still slower.   You can always judge by the price of the flight.   The cheaper it is, the fewer people on the plane.