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Told no extension or refund for COVID related travel cancellation

Explorer C

I am very concerned because of a $643.79 voucher that I was told has to be used by 9/7/2022 or lost.  This ticket was purchased right before the travel ban in 2020.  My problem is due to COVID-19.  Before the pandemic, we were on a mission trip to Jamaica, and everyone knows what happened.  I understand that the policy is no refunds for the type of ticket purchased - under normal circumstances.  But this was due to a pandemic.  I can't believe that a company that prides itself on "Putting people first" is telling customers for the last two years that the tickets cannot be refunded or even have the voucher extended without an expiration.  I read the blog where someone said SW was extending vouchers through December.  This is the email I just got on 7/1/2022 in response to an email I sent on 6/27/2022.  There wasn't even a mention of an extension through the end of December.


Dear Veronica,

Thanks for contacting us. We appreciate the opportunity to respond.

Flight credit associated with Wanna Get Away tickets are non-refundable and can only be applied to a reservation for the original ticketed Passenger. If Jasvinder is unable to travel by the expiration date of the flight credit, the flight credit will no longer be available to use.

Thanks again for contacting us. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792).

Southwest Airlines


Re: Told no extension or refund for COVID related travel cancellation

Aviator A

Several points here


1) you have a travel fund and not a voucher. The two are not the same thing.


2) travel funds created as a result of Wanna Get Away tickets expire one year from the date the Wanna Get Away was purchased. The rules DO NOT say "except in case of (insert reason here (including pandemic))


3) Southwest has been more than generous in giving you TWO AND A HALF years to use the funds. That is unprecedented in the industry.


4)There is a way to get an additional extension. Within 6 months of that travel fund expiration date convert it a voucher which is good for another 6 months. If you do it before 1/1/23, there is no cost to do that. You could do that NOW as your travel fund expires this year.


SW is being more than fair with you - fairer than EVERY OTHER airline in America.  You really should have no complaint.

Re: Told no extension or refund for COVID related travel cancellation

Explorer C

Thanks for clarifying the difference between a voucher and travel funds.  My hope now is that SW will make this a travel voucher as this sounds much better than what I have as travel funds.

I hope you did not and do not have anyone you know or love die from COVID. 

I hope you can just travel at any time without having to get time off work.

I hope the cost of having a place to stay when you travel is not an issue for you.


They have not been more than fair if the last communication stated that I must travel by 9/7/2022 or the funds are lost without mentioning an extension.