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Uplift timed out

Explorer C



Yesterday I went to purchase a flight from DAL TO MCO 12/4 - 12/7 and when I went to do uplift nothing happened but my card was charged for the down payment. The price of the flight has now changed and my card is still showing a charge. what can I do 


Re: Uplift timed out

Aviator A

Sounds to me like you should contact Uplift.


If your credit card charge shows as pending, you still haven't been charged. It's a real charge when the word pending is removed.


Pending means one of two things: 


1) The charged happened on day one and it's still day 1 (meaning your bank hasn;t acted on it yet)  


2) The bank is waiting for verification from Uplift that the chage is real -- if a charge shows as pending for more than one day, that is still the case. It also likely means there will be no merchant verification and the charge wil simply vanish is a few days. Merchants typiclly send the verification on day 1.



Re: Uplift timed out

Explorer C

what stinks is because I saw my card charged I didn't keep clicking because I didn't want it to just keep charging but when I finally got ahold of someone the price of the flight had gone up so I had to purchase at the new price which is a bummer

Re: Uplift timed out

Aviator C

What is the point of involving a third party in your purchase?  Simply pay Southwest for the flight and you're done.