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Wanna Get Away cancellation question

Explorer C

I had a friend purchase a Wanna Get Away ticket for me in my name. I am going t to cancel the flight.


I think I know the answer, but would like confirmation. When I cancel the flight, is there any way for me to transfer the flight credit to the person who purchased the ticket?


Re: Wanna Get Away cancellation question

Aviator A

No, but yes there is a potential solution:


  • Take the resulting travel credit from the cancelation and buy a new flight for the same $ as a Wanna Get Awa Plus fare
  • Cancel the new WGA+ trip and you'll get a new travel credit - this one will be transferable one time.
  • Transfer the travel credit from your name to your friend - now your friend will have the travel credit. You both need to have Rapid Rewards accounts to do this.

You'll have to do the best you can with matching the $ and might need to add a little to top it off or leave a little on the table if you can't find a WGA+ that's an exact match.



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