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Wanna Get Away fares for late March 2023

Explorer C

I got up early this morning to book a late March flight to OGG. At around 7:20 something  ET this morning, the dates opened up, but with no Wanna Get Away or WGA Plus fares. The ticket prices are more expensive than direct flights on United. Does anyone know if those fares sell out in just minutes or if Southwest might offer them in the hours or days to come?


Re: Wanna Get Away fares for late March 2023

Aviator A

Southwest knows people rush to buy when the schedule is released and thus does not always release all of the cheapest fares immediately.  Fares that are released are also often priced higher.  I've said it before and will say it again, buying the moment the schedule opens is not something I would recommend.  Fares almost always drop at some point after the release date, and in your case, low fare WGA flights are not even available.  Just check back later for the WGA fares.  If you're set on buying today you can buy the Anytime fare and just cancel and rebook later when the WGA becomes available.