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flight charges

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Good morning,


I had previously made a reservation from P.R to Chicago for the month of April. I had to make a new reservation because of the codiv19 for June 1. I was told I could change my reservation as needed . I tried to make  a new one for July but they are asking for my credit card number for a new charge. It was my understanding from previous blogs that I was  not going to incur in any charges.


Please explain and verify. I want to make the reservation for November but the calendar for that month is not available.

I appreciate your time in answering my question.




Re: flight charges

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Hi @bguzman,


Without more info, it is hard to understand your situation.  If you did not take your April flight and you cancelled it, you likely received travel funds.  Those travel funds can be used towards future flights, but if the cost of future flights is more, you will pay the difference.


If you have travel funds, those are tracked by your Rapid Rewards #, if you have one, or by your confirmation #. It is likely somewhere in your email if you indeed cancelled flights.  


I would give Southwest a call for help with the reservation: 




Good luck.


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Re: flight charges

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Thank you for your answer , I indeed cancelled the April one and I do have a travel fund but the one for July is super expensive. I would think it would not be that high.


Re: flight charges

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As @elijahbrantley mentioned, if the new flight costs more than the value of your travel fund (new flight is more expensive than old flight) then you would be responsible for the additional cost. Fares are jumping up and down quite erratically so you may want to wait a little bit to book. If you do decide to book now and the fare drops later you can get a credit for the drop in the form of a travel fund.



Re: flight charges

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@bguzman wrote:

It was my understanding from previous blogs that I was  not going to incur in any charges.



This would be the case if:


1) you did not cancel your flight and wanted to move your flight out by up to 60 days. You can modify your flight up to 60 days out completely for free. 

2) you canceled your flight and used your travel funds to purchase a new flight and that new flight was equal or less to your travel fund balance. If your new flight costs more, you have to pay the difference.


In either case, Southwest does not charge fees to change or cancel your flight.