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Additional Routes Between Fresno and Bay Area

New Arrival

Hi There Southwest Team,

My name is Patrick and I am professionally employed in the Bay area but live in the Fresno/Clovis Ca area. I realize that you just started service out of the Fresno area to Vegas and Denver in April.

I was wondering if the airline is contemplating a route to the Bay area from Fresno or even a stop into Fresno with a continuance to a Bay area airport???

I now drive 2-3hrs every week and it would be great to have a flight into the Bay area for myself and all the folks that also make that drive.

Please let me know your thoughts..


Thx for your time!


Patrick B.


Re: Additional Routes Between Fresno and Bay Area

Top Contributor

Well, since this is as customer forum, you are unlikely to get an answer to your question here.


You could contact customer relations to let the airline know that you would like to see the route added