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Albany NY Non stop flights missing?

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I did not travel to Florida last year, went to Bermuda instead. This year I started to research flights to Florida from ALB and quickly discovered I could no longer find Non Stop flights from ALB (Albany NY) to either FLL or TPA. Full Winter booking schedule is not open yet as Feb & March are still not available. Has SWest cut back on these non stop flights? Is it likely they will be added later or is what I am seeing the full daily schedule? I find it hard to believe ALB to FLL or TPA route does not have enough traffic to support daily non stop flights during Jan, Feb, March? Anyone know???


Re: Albany NY Non stop flights missing?

Top Contributor

There are several thngs going on here, IMO.


1) Southwest is short of planes. 34 MAXs are grounded and probably another 25-30 were to be delivered between March and now, and were not due to the grounding.


2) Hawaii is important and Southwest has announced it is moving forward with expansion plans. To do this Southwest has to get planes from somewhere. 


As far as what's going to happen in January and February, wait til 8/15 and you should have some insight. That's the currently scheduled date for the January/February schedule extension.


After that, wait til after the MAX grounding is lifted an SW gets a bunch of planes back to see what it will do with them.