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Bring it BACK to FLINT!!!

Explorer C

I don't think I loved Southwest until they added Flint to their route map in April 2013.  How do I remember this?  My mother died in August 2012 and when I saw that Flint was being added to the route map that following April, I thought "How wonderful!!!  Now I can visit my Daddy frequently as I know he will be lonely without my mom!"  Trust when I tell you I took advantage of that option often that when family members asked my father when he was going to go to the DMV to visit me, he responded "I don't have to...she is here almost every other week." But if my personal story of this doesn't matter, how about the fact that GM has COMMITTED $1B to Flint, there are two $10M battery plants being built as well as a $10M hydroplant.  To top it off, Bishop Airport received a $10M grant so they will be updating the airport.  Southwest, you had a MONOPOLY on flights from BWI to Flint!!  The flights were almost ALWAYS full, at least when I flew.  You did such a disservice to this city when you removed this destination from your route map.  I prefer to drive now than to fly because it now would take me twice the time and cost twice the price.  Please reconsider adding it back to the route map or you will be missing out on alot of money!!!!


Re: Bring it BACK to FLINT!!!

Aviator A

Since you are on a customer forum, it is likely the airline will nto see your request. You could send your request to the airline by clickin on contact us (below) and proceeding.