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Future Direct Flights between Boise and Portland and/or Seattle?

Explorer C

Are there any discussions in the works for creating direct flights from Boise, Idaho to either Portland, OR and/or Seattle, WA?


As far as I'm aware, the only possible way to fly between Boise/Portland or between Boise/Seattle is to fly all the way to Oakland, CA, which turns a 60-minute direct flight into a 4-8 hour ordeal depending upon the day/time one flies and the length of the layover.


As Boise continues to grow--with many coming from Oregon and Washington--I know that this question is being asked by many. Many SW regulars have opted to fly Alaskan Airlines and pay the additional baggage fees simply to cut down the time it takes to travel from Boise to Portland/Seattle.


As a loyal SW customer, feedback and input on this question is greatly appreciated 🙂


Re: Future Direct Flights between Boise and Portland and/or Seattle?

Retired Community Manager

Hi @SpudVol,


Thanks for chiming in on the Community! We always appreciate hearing what new routes our Customers would like to see. As you can imagine, our Route Planning Department has a lot to take into consideration when doing their job - there are a limited number of aircraft, and we have to put those aircraft where we can best serve the greatest number of Customers. I can't say for certain when new routes for Boise will be implemented, but the hope is that as we continue to grow, we'll be able to provide more and more opportunities to serve you! 


Re: Future Direct Flights between Boise and Portland and/or Seattle?

Explorer C

There used to be direct flights from Boise to Seattle, SLC, Reno, and Portland. I had taken all of them, mostly to Seattle. When those flights were dropped (2011 to 2012), it forced me to look at other alternatives for my family, mostly Alaska Airlines. I wish these would be brought back, even on a smaller plane if necessary. I see no logic to take a 5 hour flight that has a stop when I can drive from Boise to Seattle in 8 hours (7 with the time change). Nor to take a 4.5 to 5+ hour flight from Boise to SLC when it can be driven in the same amount of time.


I figure they must have been dropped because of fuel expenses and less passengers. That was during a time after the housing market crashed in the US. Things have rebounded well. There must be an alternative to make it efficient for passengers as well as profitable for the airline. However, in business, sometimes you sell a loss leader to bring people back. I know we haven't gone to Seattle as often because that flight was dropped. Not asking for pro bono (of which I do often not to be proud, but because it is the right thing to do at times). Food for thought.

Re: Future Direct Flights between Boise and Portland and/or Seattle?

Aviator A

Thanks for the suggestion.


I'm sure that Southwest evaluates potential routes all the time -- probably including those you suggested. Maybe they will happen in the future.


'For routes to make sense they have to make economic sense. If they do, Southwest MAY fly them, but not necessarily. If other routes make MORE economic sense, Southwest will fly those first. The company does have a limited number of planes, pilots, flight attendants, etc. so it probably can't fly every route

that  it would like to fly. I used to fly Southwest to Branson, but Southwest doesn't fly there anymore for that reason.


You mentioned that Southwest could possibly fly smaller planes on the routes you suggested. Southwest doesn't fly smaller planes. It only flies Boeing 737s, the smallest of which seats 143 people.

So for a flight to make economic sense Southwest would need to fill a significant number of those 143 seats on a regular basis.


As mentoned in my profile, I am not a Southwest employee. I am merely an experieinced traveler who provides opinions on this forum. 

Re: Future Direct Flights between Boise and Portland and/or Seattle?

Retired Community Manager

Southwest is always evaluating new routes! Those decisions are made based on demand and availability, and viability of the route. It helps to know we'd have at least one Customer onboard for that one though! Thanks for weighing in.