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Not sure how the market looks for adding a Hobby to Monterrey Mexico flight, but seems with current airlines ( only 2 airlines offer direct flights out of Houston, one airline is super expensive and the other airlines is garbage) there is a big demand for Mexico's second largest city.  Any chance you guys would consider adding this route?  I'd be happy to see this route added, as it would make visiting family much easier for us.


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You should send your suggestion directly to Southwest.  Use the contact us link at the bottom of the page and send a message.  This Community is customer to customer.



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Southwest's booking system currently isn't set up to handle foreign currency transactions, so they rely on flights where the demand is largely from the US and with people paying in USD. So if the demand leans towards arriving in Monterey, Mexico rather than departing from, then it could be possible for Southwest to consider it, especially if the demand is large enough. Otherwise, it might have to wait until Southwest has the ability to process foreign transactions. 


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Re: HOU to MTY

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Tweeting or Dming works too!

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