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Re: Kicking Tail a Coupons

Aviator A

@generobinson196 wrote:

How do I get kicking tail coupons to give to the flight crew?

As mentioned in posts above yours, Southwest automatically sends them to it's most frequent travelers: A list.


If you are not among that goup, you can use the methods  also listed above your post to contact the company and provide recognition.

Re: Kicking Tail a Coupons

Adventurer C

Is there a way we can request additional kick tail coupons?  

Re: Kicking Tail a Coupons

Explorer C

I have been an A-List preferred member for many years and almost always fly Business Select. So I can't recall the last time I needed someone to go out of their way to help me. However, I have observed  Southwest smployees going out of their way to help others and have used the coupons to acknowledge them. In my most recent case, there were 3 children flying unaccopmpanied from spending the summer with one parent and flying back to the other parent. The kids (all under7 years old were very upset). The Flight Attendant actually held up the boarding process a little to comfort the kids and calm them down. She then spent a lot of time with them on the 5 hour flight from LAX to BWI. In another case, an older woman who was shaking with fear when we hit some choppy air. The Flight Attendant sat with her and held her hand to comfort her. One final example, a gate crew member who was off duty and going home offered to help the gate check attendant with a huge group of re-scheduled passengers. While none of these kindnesses were aimed at me, I believe we owe it to Southwest's fine personnel to recognize exemplary performance wherever we see it.