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Service out of SBA/SMX/SBP

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I guess you can say I "Luv" Southwest. I was 5 years old when I took my first plane trip and it was on an SWA flight flying out of Burbank. I live on the Central Coast of CA and there is an untapped market here especially with such an area with a military presence. My girlfriend and I live states away and this drive to Burbank or LAX has not been fun and I am sure many around here can agree with me. I know for a fact SBA and SMX can handle a 737 American, Alaska ,and United can do it why cant an airline as good as SWA do it?


Re: Service out of SBA/SMX/SBP

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Southwest is having to be extra selective about routes right now, originally because of the 737 MAX issue and not because of COVID-19's newly-created operational environment.  


Other airlines are slashing frequency and even service to a number of airports.  

BUT...I feel your pain! I am fortunate to live in a SW-heavy market, but if we lived in a market where the cut back service or had limited service....well, that would be rough because SW is essentially my only airline of choice.


You could always message SW directly to share your feedback, and perhaps one of these days as things get back to normal, you will be able to have the service you are looking for!


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Re: Service out of SBA/SMX/SBP

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I can totally relate, as SWA pulling out of EWR wasn't easy for me. But... it's for the best (for now) and hopefully the route will return or a new better one will open.


Safe travels!

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