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Suffix on passport not accepted at Kiosk

Explorer C

Does anyone have a reason why US Passports, when they contain a suffix (Sr., Jr., III, etc.), are denied at the kiosk when traveling internationally?


I was even told one time to leave the suffix off of my ticket, but then when I did that I got in trouble for a mismatched ticket and went back to using the suffix on the ticket since it is on my passport. Once again was told the computers don't read the suffix. It seems like a simple fix for SWA's IT to fix since it is very time consuming and annoying to have to be pulled out of line constantly for using my legal name.


Re: Suffix on passport not accepted at Kiosk

Aviator A

Which kiosk did you have trouble? I didn't have any issue with "Jr." on mine. 


Maybe an additional question is "which suffix?"




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Re: Suffix on passport not accepted at Kiosk


Great question. All passports are denied at the kiosk since you need to check in with an Agent at the ticket counter to have your documents verified when traveling internationally. I hope the line wasn't too long and you had some fun in the sun on the trip!

Community Manager