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Application Status

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So I applied for a Ramp Position at my home station JAX and when I wanted it to send the verification email to make the account after applying it was failing to send. So I waited a while and finished working my planes so I could focus on it and got some help from some Southwest guys I know and got it to send the verification email and made my account. I followed the link it gave me to get into the candidate home and now it says I have no applications. I tried to reapply under the account but it said I still have one pending so I have no idea what the status of my application is. How would I go about finding out. I emailed the technical support page but it’s just giving me automated emails about how this isn’t a support issue when it is. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Application Status

Explorer C

Same thing happened to me.  It took a few days to refresh and show up.

Re: Application Status

Aviator C

if you believe this is a technical issue:


For technical issues related to the online application process, send a brief description and screenshot of the error message to  This account is monitored Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) from 9 a.m...

SWA Passenger, Community Champion

Re: Application Status


Hey there, @Acetroy316!


Thanks so much for your interest in joining the Southwest Family in Jacksonville! If you're still having any trouble getting your Candidate Home account to reflect your application's status (which I can confirm we received! 😊), try creating an account with this link: & use your same email address you used when applying. That should do the trick!


Feel free to tag me in a reply if you need any other help!