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CS&S (Remote) Position filled email received...quick question

New Arrival

Hello, I hope everyone is well.  I just, like minutes ago, received my rejection/position-filled letter for the CS&S WFH position and wondered if anyone else had received one as well.  The reason why I am reaching out to see if anyone received one was because I applied to be a FA and did not make it past the video interview and I understand, however, I was still being considered for the CS&S WFH opportunity.  And although I was devastated I still had hope.


What was strange is that a week after being rejected from the FA opportunity I received this (the CS&S position filled email) without ever having interviewed.  The proximity was waaay too close.


Has this happened to anyone?  Are people still being contacted by recruiters? Have you ever applied for a position with SWA and they reject you from other opportunities if you didn't succeed with another role?  Before I apply for another opportunity with SWA I would like to know if this has happened to anyone as well.  I don't want to continue applying to SWA if they don't see me as a good fit.  I would love to hear everyone's thoughts.


Also, congrats to everyone who is/ are becoming a FA or CS&S position.  You are a rockstar!


Re: CS&S (Remote) Position filled email received...quick question

New Arrival

I have the same issue. I tried contacting the support, got no answer.