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Can I ask For more Money?

Explorer C

Hello Fam,


My Name is Dave and I am in Las Vegas Nevada. I applied for a southwest Ram Pagent in Denver, ( Plus 10K Stipend ) and heard Nothing....


Then I applied for and got an interview for the same Job in Burbank Ca, I am in the middle of my background check and drug testing... I was given an offer letter....


Is it appropriate Now that I have been asked to go to the Denver Job, To ask Burbank for more money 


They are both only $15 an hour as a ramp agent / Bag Tech ....  


Also Does anyone know anything about how the Raises go or how long it takes to move up in pay?


Thank you all,



Re: Can I ask For more Money?

Aviator A

I suspect that pay rates are determined by union contract.

Re: Can I ask For more Money?

Aviator A

I don't think it ever hurts to ask about higher pay, just make sure it's a polite ask and not a demand.  But, as said, pay may be set.  Ask and find out.



Re: Can I ask For more Money?

Adventurer B

During my interview the recruiter mentioned starting wages are determined by a union bargaining agreement.

Re: Can I ask For more Money?


Hey Dave. Congratulations on the offer! Our Ramp Agent wages are negotiated by the union, and thus the starting wage isn't negotiable. It's worth noting that the starting wage will go up to $17/hr starting, and more in some other stations. While the Recruiter won't be able to change the wage, you could ask them about starting in Denver if you'd rather be there than Burbank.

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