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Employment history review

Explorer C

A couple of weeks ago, I was offered a job as a ramp agent at BWI contingent upon me passing a background check, drug test, and employment history review.


I don't do drugs and the test came back clean.  I have no criminal convictions, and I haven't heard back from anyone about the background check.  (I presume it came back clean as well.)  


My employment history, however, came back with one former employer, a small general aviation airfield in Maryland, flagged for review.  Going through the report, it said they could verify I did work there, but not the length of my employment.  I received the pre-adverse action email Wednesday evening and tried to call the People Department number provided in the email both yesterday and today as well as replied to the pre-adverse action email to no avail.  


How can I get in touch with someone there so I can get this issue resolved?