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Error with Application Minimums

Explorer C

Southwest, Hello! I would love to be able to come fly for you but I received an email stating I didn't meet the minimums upon my initial application. I think this may be an error in the system as I believe I definitely meet the minimums. I attempted to look at my application but under my account it said I didn't have one. I then tried to reapply but it stated I had an active application. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! 


Re: Error with Application Minimums

Aviator A

Search this forum for topics like "auto rejection" or 'instant rejection" for ideas on what could have gone wrong.


You might have to use a different e-mail address to send in another appliction.



Re: Error with Application Minimums


Hey there, @OO7Goofy


Thanks so much for reaching out! I took a look, and your application was removed from consideration due to answering "no" to the question "Do you currently possess a valid/unrestricted Driver’s License issued in the United States? (suspended, expired, revoked, or denied are not considered valid)". Since this is a requirement of the role you applied to, your application was removed from the process. So sorry for any confusion there! 


That particular role posts each month, on the 7th. It's open through the 21st of each month! If that answer was clicked by accident, you can submit your application come January 7th to be back in consideration!