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Facial Hair and Tattoos as a Pilot

Explorer C

Hi! So I am looking at becoming a pilot for Southwest, and I had a few questions. I have seen many answers for flight attendants about this area but not for pilots. Would I get hired if I had a short kept beard and tattoos? I have recently been keeping my beard on the 1-inch length. Would this be acceptable? I also plan to get tattoos on my forearm; if I were to wear the pilot's blazer that hid these tattoos, would that be okay? Thank you so much!


Re: Facial Hair and Tattoos as a Pilot

Aviator A

Tattoos and piercings cannot be visible. You can have 'em but they'll need to be covered.


As far a facial hair goes, that topic had been discussed on the forum before:


Thank you for your questions and your interest in joining the Southwest family!  We totally agree with @kelchrisjohnson and hopefully it’s not too late to save the curls.  Per our uniform and appearance ...


Good luck in your interview and we hope you have a good hair day;)


ChristinaChristina Ayala, Southwest Careers Moderator
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