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Flight Attendant Opening

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Hello, I submitted an application when the external hiring process was happening for the Flight Attendant Position. I was wondering how to check up on that process. I received an email that said something to the tune of: "If you've received this email, you've successfully applied! ... We will be reaching out to our applicants in the order they applied." It's been a few months, so I'm just wondering if it's really taking this long to contact me, or if I've been waitlisted for the next hiring event. 


Unfortunately, I did a big, vindictive swipe of all of my emails just after I got that, and forgot I should have saved that email to check up on the status. The Customer Service positions are listed on my Dashboard with their In Review statuses and their Closed statuses, but that position isn't showing up. Is it a part of a different hiring process that I can log into and check up on?


Thanks for your time! If I need to submit another application, Please let me know and I'll get on it ASAP! My friend, Ruby, works for Southwest and said I'd be an awesome fit, so I'd like to work here!


Re: Flight Attendant Opening


Hi @jmbdancer,


Thanks for your interest in joining the Southwest Team! In order to view your Flight Attendant application, you will need to log in to the specific Inflight Portal Dashboard found here. Best of luck!


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