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Intro and timeline

Explorer A

Hi everyone!

I have been lurking and reading your posts  - soaking in every bit of information. 😊


Thank you for sharing your timelines and hiring process - it’s been really helpful. 
Does anyone else check in here multiple times a day hoping for updates? 😁


I wanted  to share my timeline for my CSA position @ AUS.


2/22 - Saw job posting and submitted resume 

2/24 - Received email invite for phone interview 

2/28 - Phone interview and scheduled VI

3/8 - VI with CJO 🙂

3/16-18 - drug screen and fingerprints 

3/28 - Screening completed 

3/30 - Officially offered CSA position and I requested a different start date due to schedule conflicts 

3/31 - Received onboarding paperwork and official start date of 5/15


Thankfully, the  process seemed pretty fast (just a little over a month).  Checking my email 20+x a day was/is a bit hmmmm compulsive.
Anyone relate? 😉


Now, I can breathe and study the city codes while still obsessively checking for the email from my leader/trainer. 

It’s a welcome change to be this excited about a new job!  

Now…I’m going to check for new your new updates! 

Is anyone else going to be in Austin? 









Re: Intro and timeline

Frequent Flyer B

Congrats!! I ♥️ me some Austin! Big city, total little town feel. I never EVER EVER checked my email before put in my application. Now it's my new "not paid" job. 

Re: Intro and timeline

Frequent Flyer C

@Mum2JAM my timeline 


My timeline
Phone interview was 3/27
I got a callback after my interview and was offered the verbal position
I received my CJO on 3/31
I received my email from STERLING on 3/31 that they was initiating my background
4/1 Received email to do my drug screens and fingerprints
4/2 completed my drug screen and fingerprint
4/4 Got notice my background is cleared from Sterling

Now im waiting to hear from SWA ❤️



I’ve been watching my emails like a hawk and I’m just waiting and I’m checking the discussion boards looking for new updates and everything we in the same boat