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My Hiring Process

Adventurer B

Like everyone else, I had all the same questions and nervous anxiety. This is the timeline of my process with a few extra details. I hope it helps a little at least. I am in Southern California, obviously your experience will vary by location.



11/19 - Submitted Application on


01/07 - Received a request to complete Screening Form (in lieu of phone interview).


01/10 - Received a request to complete employment application and schedule virtual interview.

  • The email will include a tip sheet to help you gather necessary documents. Make sure you have all addresses, phone numbers and names to include on your previous employment portion of the application. Southwest will verify all of this info, inaccurate or missing information could delay the process. Do not let the excitement of submitting that application keep you from preparing. If you do the legwork ahead of time you will be able to submit a complete and accurate application.


01/17 - Completed virtual interview.

  • During the Teams call the recruiter informed me that I will receive a contingent offer with a conditional start [insert shocked and excited moment here].
  • After the call, I received another email with a link to complete the background check consent forms.
  • She also mentioned my application would probably disappear from my Dashboard, which it did.


01/19 - Received an email to inform me of Covid vaccine requirement, with instructions on how to upload proof of vaccination.


1/24 - Received request to complete fingerprint and drug screen test which I completed the next day.


1/27 - I haven't even started yet and already got a raise! Received a notice that effective March 01, 2022 the starting rate for Ground Operations and Cargo Agents at SNA will go from $15/hr to at least $17/hr.


2/2 - Received notice that my employment screening was completed.


2/4 - Received a request to set appointment for the airport's Security Threat Assessment.

  • This is required in order to receive your airport security badge.


2/8 - Received a phone call from a recruiting coordinator congratulating me with an official offer!

  • They offered me a choice of three start dates: 2/14, 2/21 and 2/28.
  • Due to a prior commitment I selected 2/21.
  • They said to expect onboarding documents via email within 3-5 days.
  • Did a celebration dance. 🙂
  • Visited Southwest The Store and bought some cool swag.
  • if you wanna be cool like me!


2/9 - Completed the Security Threat Assessment application at the airport's badging office.

  • My passport is expired so I used my drivers license and birth certificate.
  • In the appointment confirmation email, there is a link which takes you to a page detailing acceptable documents.
  • If you are a resident alien, they will require proof at this appointment.


What's next:

  • - I have not received confirmation yet of the USPS background check specifically. Perhaps it was implied in the 2/2 email?
  • Waiting for onboarding documents and airport security badge.
  • ?


Stay calm everyone. It can be a really long process. Look at mine, almost four months since my original submission. If I think of anything else I'll update. I am super excited though!. As I was approaching the airport today I saw one of our planes departing (wow, "OUR"). I have to admit, I felt pretty proud in that moment. I can only imagine what it will be like to stand next to those beauties. Good luck everybody!


Re: My Hiring Process

Adventurer B

AWESOME @Av8orCree!!! How exciting! Are you going to be a ramp or cargo agent? 


It's funny you mentioned the SW Store, I've already explored the site and made some favorites. I thought about purchasing from the site, but I'll be in Dallas so thinking of buying it in person. Although, maybe the Store is closed? It says temporarily closed on Google Maps. 


Anyway, your process was pretty long! Congrats on the new raise! I was in the same boat! 


I recently received my airport badge because I'm a volunteer at the DEN airport. Perhaps one less step for me? Call me crazy but like yourself, I love being around planes! I was saying the SAME thing when I was driving out towards DEN and saw 4 of OUR planes ( as you would say). Brought a huge smile to my face and was just in a state of disbelief! 


SNA is one of my favorite airports - only because Disneyland is right nearby... LOL.. fun fact, Disney World in Florida is the same age as Southwest! Both were founded in 1971. I'm a Disney nerd. 


Good luck with the rest of your process!!! 



Re: My Hiring Process

Adventurer B

I’m going to be a ramp agent. I actually held off on buying anything because I thought maybe SWA would offer People discounts.


I earned a private pilot license a hundred years ago lol. Although I haven’t flown since just after 911, I’ve remained connected through air shows and social media. Plus I live near a small airport which is the home to an aircraft museum. 


It’s ironic that you mentioned Disneyland, I currently work there as a monorail pilot. I am going to try my best to keep that spot, but my SWA schedule will have priority.



Re: My Hiring Process

Adventurer B

I have to say @Av8orCree, I'm a bit jealous that you get to pilot the monorail! I love taking that trip around the park. I would DEFINITELY try to keep DL too! It's also awesome you have your private pilot's license! That's one of my dreams is to at least get behind the controls and fly a plane. When I was a kid, one of the jobs I wanted to have was to be a fighter pilot. Little did I know I needed to have excellent grades... LOL


Have you heard anything? I'm just waiting on my background check to be done.



Re: My Hiring Process

Adventurer B

Yes! My start date is 2/21. Due to Covid my training will take place at my assigned airport, not in Dallas. Where I stand now, still waiting for an email with the new hire paperwork to arrive. Of course they may be other steps in the process which may not have been assigned yet, so I check email at least once / hour. 🤞

Re: My Hiring Process

Adventurer B

DUDE! I do the same exact thing @Av8orCree! My email provider doesn't notify me as to when I receive an email so I'm always popping it up. I'm just waiting on backgrounds, which I'll pass so I'm not concerned there. Now, I know that weekends probably won't have anything happen but still! 😂


That sucks that you won't get to go train in Dallas. We could have teamed up for the Ops/Ramp Olympics! hahaha! That's awesome that you get to start in a couple of weeks. Are you excited? Nervous? I'm excited, nervous, and a bit scared. I just want to do an outstanding job.


You'll have to let me know how the first day goes! 

Re: My Hiring Process

Adventurer C

I'm going through the same process!


Thanks for your update!


From what I see they didn't give you 2 weeks so you could your other job? Just wondering so I know when to put my 2 weeks in for my old job

Re: My Hiring Process

Adventurer B

I completed my fingerprints and drug test today. They are hoping to get me in by March 1st but she said that in all likelihood, it will be mid-March or early April. My boss told me not to put in my notice until I get a solid start date. 


I've noticed that people who have been hired are given at least 2 weeks so they can settle things. So hopefully you and I will be given the same! As you saw, it has been a whirlwind experience for me. 2 weeks went from applying to CJO - it's nuts!

Re: My Hiring Process

Explorer A

I was given 10 days for starting this month

Re: My Hiring Process

Adventurer B

The third option would have been enough for a two-week notice, but I’m not leaving my current part time position just yet. In your case the recruiter will understand that you want to extend that courtesy to your employer.