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Onboarding training in Dallas

Explorer C

Hello!! I just finished my first week as a ramp agent! I know that in the next few weeks I'll be doing some On the Job Training and then going to Dallas. Couple of Questions


1. When I am in Dallas, I understand that there will be several classes and activities going on. What kind of things will they go over with us during our time in the classroom at the headquarters. 


2. I was told that there would be an exam on the day we leave Dallas to go back home. What will the exam mostly be about, how hard is the exam and will they go over and review the content before the test? 


Re: Onboarding training in Dallas


Hey @adrienneb I'm not sure if this is information you'd have access to, but tagging you just in case! 

Re: Onboarding training in Dallas


Hey there, @awesomeal


So happy to have you as part of the Southwest Family! 

In Dallas, you'll get an overview of lots of things - from Benefits, to Culture, to more training for your role. This is a great time to get to know the folks in your training class too - lots of bonding time in and outside of the classroom! 


There are tests in each of our training classes. These will be on the training information you've covered in the classroom and from your station. While they may require studying and be a bit challenging, they would focus on the information you'll use in your everyday role! Your Instructors are there to help, and they'll guide you through the process! 

You've totally got this!