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Question about R-2024-41190 Jr. Technology Associate position.

Explorer C

For this position, will having a boot camp certificate in full stack web development be enough with basic foundation and knowledge of multiple languages ? I never got a chance to finish my associates for college because of personal issues and so far since I applied haven’t heard anything back. Still hoping things work out. Would love to join southwest ! 


Re: Question about R-2024-41190 Jr. Technology Associate position.


Hi there, @rehanarshad94!


Thank you so much for reaching out and for your interest in the Technology Jr Associate program allows Junior Associates the opportunity to apply their formal technology training in a professional setting while gaining additional skills, knowledge, and experience. 


The requirements include completion of a formal Technology training program that includes coursework in programming languages (Java, HTML, CSS, SQL, AWS, CI/CD, Chrome Developer Tools, Cloud), cybersecurity, IT help desk, data, web development or other related technical studies. Your mentioned boot camp sounds like it would fit well in for that requirement!