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I know that last June 2022 there were remote positions that were posted and filled.  Are they going to post any new positions for 2023 that you know of?


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Aviator A

since this is a customer forum, no one here will have an answer to your question

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Hey, @michelledunn5!
I'm part of our Talent Acquisition Team, and I appreciate you reaching out! It sounds like you're referring to our Customer Support & Services position, which is fully-remote! This position isn't currently open for applications, but you can keep an eye out for it and sign up for notifications on our Careers site. There may be other positions that are remote or offer hybrid options, but those vary depending on the position. Keep an eye out for those positions on our careers site as well, and you can always discuss the workplace requirements when speaking with our Recruiting Team! 

Thanks so much for your interest in joining the Southwest Family 💙❤️💛

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I applied for the remote SOS Representative position last month and am waiting to hear back. I was initially given a follow up date of 1/10/22 but the only email I received following that was in relation to a video link providing insightful information about Southwest's vision and purpose. My application is still showing "In Process" but I'm curious as to when the next follow up will be as well as, when the training class will take place for that particular position

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I applied for the position as well. I am still waiting on an update. I am hoping to hear something soon. Per the posting, training was set for March. 

SOS career, Questions

Explorer B

I am a CSA agent and I am looking for an opportunity as a SOS agent.

As you know as a CS agent, I work closely with SOS agents. They literally are our lifeline! 

have listed questions below I would appreciate a few of them being answered. 



- SOS agents also under the union?


- Do they also bid for their schedules like CSA agents do? 


- I assume for SOS they hire internally? 

- how can one do a day in the field for SOS? 

- who is the manager to be contacted for a day in the field? 


- how can I have Sos job opportunity notifications through the internal job portal? 

- I am very much looking to hear from you and your experience with SOS!