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Sida Badge

Explorer C

I'm currently at Lax waiting to badge and I still haven't heard from the recruiter about official offer or training start date. I'm nervous what happened and why its taking so long. I got to my appointment 2 hours early because of really bad traffic knowing the 405. What do you guys think? Oh I got a cjo as a csa would I be able to station transfer to BUR or wait the 6 months?


Re: Sida Badge


Hey there, @DK1522!


My name is Adrienne, and I'm part of our Talent Acquisition Team.

First, congratulations on your contingent job offer! I'm so excited for you to join the Southwest Family! 


Second, I took a look at your application status, and it looks like our Coordinator Team is still working to get things finalized for your start date, training, and more! Once they have that squared away, they will follow up with you via email. 


I know waiting can be the hardest part, but you are almost to the finish line! Then, the real adventure begins✈️

Hang in there & congrats again!