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Timeline Freight Agent MDW

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Hello all. 

Just wanted to say hello to everyone and update on my hiring process here for the MDW Freight Agent position. Here it goes:


9/8/21-Applied for MDW Freight Agent

10/5/21- Received email to submit vaccine records.

10/28/21-Received call from Recruiter to update application and schedule interview.

10/29/21-Interview scheduled via Microsoft Teams as F2F with Recruiter and two members of management from the Cargo Division.

11/9/21- Received call with contingent job offer and email was sent shortly after. 
11/15/21-Received email with steps in the screening process. And initial phase of the background check.
11/15/21-Received email with drug test confirmation and went that same day hence I only had 48 hours to complete.

11/17/21-Received email from screening coordinator to continue with process and schedule Fingerprints appointment.

11/18/21-Fingerprints complete

12/3/21- Received email that background check and screening has been completed. 
12/4/21-Patiently waiting for USPS to do their part since I will be handling US Mail and cargo. 

Would really appreciate any feedback or input on the USPS background check as far as time and process. Thank you and hope this helps for all. Much LUV. 





Re: Timeline Freight Agent MDW

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For an airline that says it wants to hire a bunch of people quickly, that type of schedule ain't going to do it.

Re: Timeline Freight Agent MDW

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12/11/21-Still waiting on USPS to send me something. No start date yet