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former employee needs 2023 W2

Explorer C



I'm a former SWA employee and I've moved since leaving SWA. I haven't received my 2023 W2 and I'm a bit worried about it. I do have mail forwarding set up, but I don't have a lot of faith in that. I haven't been able to contact SWA to ask about it. I've tried calling the HDQ phone number but have not managed to speak to anyone. Does anyone know if there is a way to receive the W2 electronically? Or is there any way for me to get in touch with HR to get some assistance with this?


Also, the solution that has worked for people in previous years of going to did not work for me. I logged in and saw all of my old W2s there except for 2023.


Thank you!


Re: former employee needs 2023 W2

Aviator A

The deadline for mailing w-2s was January 31: I suspect that if you check online in a few days; that you will find it