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All HOU -> Costa Rica Flights Canceled

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I received a notice this morning that an adjustment had been made to my Rapid Rewards account only to find 40,000 points deposited. Come to find out, Southwest had canceled my trip from HOU to LIR in July without any notification of what trip had changed or what options I had. It also looks like SWA is no longer flying from Hobby to either Costa Rica airport until September and then they will be operating on a drastically reduced schedule with only one daily flight a couple of times per week. Does anyone have better info?


Re: All HOU -> Costa Rica Flights Canceled

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A few things as I also have a trip planned to Liberia, Costa Rica.


1) How is it 40,000 points?? Also for international flights on Southwest the Cash Rate is much better you get like a points redemption value of 1.1 I believe after factoring in the international taxes and fees vs. the cash rate.


2) I am seeing direct flights resuming as of August 14th, not September. It’s likely a costly flight for Southwest and few people were planning on going in July.


My trip is on August 16th HOU -> LIR and there’s no planned changes for that. Usually if Southwest is going to make a change your reservation will still show as confirmed but it will be unavailable to new bookings. Which means it’s likely to be cancelled.

Re: All HOU -> Costa Rica Flights Canceled

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I do see now on the fare calendar that flights will resume during August, I was looking specifically at earlier in the month so I didn't see them. The frequency is, of course, much lower and it looks like the days they are going have been dropped down to once per day. I certainly don't blame them but wish it wasn't so! That is a frequent itinerary for me.


As for the point value - this was booked at the start of the COVID situation and I wanted flexibility for points back as opposed to yet another donation to the travel funds if last-minute cancellation was needed. I also have companion pass, so the value is still fantastic either way!


Hopefully you are still able to fly in August!

Re: All HOU -> Costa Rica Flights Canceled

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I think for mine (and I thought this was expensive based on what I paid for my last HOU-> LIR trip) it was either 32,000 points plus the $80 in international fees or $450 total.


My last one was 26,000 or 28,000. I fly from LAX to Houston stay in Houston a few days then I book Houston -> LIR then returning from LIR to LAX same day with a stop in Houston.


The bad thing though is if they cancel you then they only give you a 14 day window to rebook but how’s that possible of your July flight is cancelled and the next closest option is over 14 days away? 

I haven’t been to Costa Rica in August/September I was booked for May when it’s not rainy season but that was cancelled. How is during these months? Since you mentioned it’s a regular trip.

Re: All HOU -> Costa Rica Flights Canceled

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Based on the latest here, it looks like SW is resuming normal ops to Costa Rica at the end of June (at least as of now).


  • Last flight from the United States to San Jose, Costa Rica & Liberia, Costa Rica will operate on Wednesday, March 18.
  • Last flight from San Jose, Costa Rica & Liberia, Costa Rica to the United States will operate on Sunday, March 22.
  • Our current plan is to resume normal operations on Sunday, June 28.
  • Click here to rebook.

I would reach out to SW via Twitter or Facebook or by giving them a call, and I imagine they can help you with your options.

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