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Any "Wanna Get Away" Refund Possibilities?

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I have $200 Southwest credit from a "Wanna get away" flight, but I'd much rather find a way to get my money back. Is it possible to get a refund back if I use my current $200 credit to buy a "Anytime" tickets (since refunds are available with these flights). Would I get a full refund back from the anytime flight with the wanna get away credit, or would it just all go back into credit??


Re: Any "Wanna Get Away" Refund Possibilities?

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I don't think so  the method of payment is per reservation. Thank you

Re: Any "Wanna Get Away" Refund Possibilities?

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Wanna Get Away fares are non-refundable, credits can't be converted to cash through a shell game of re-purchasing and cancelling refundable fares to game the system.

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Re: Any "Wanna Get Away" Refund Possibilities?

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The only way that Wanna Get Away tickets would be refundable is if Southwest cancels the flights that caused the travel funds to be issued. Then they would be refundable to the payment method used to buy the tickets