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Applyting Airfare Credit

Explorer C

If your purchase $200 airfare, cancel the flight, can the $200 value be applied to multiple flights.  Can any of the value be used towards another person's fligth?


Re: Applyting Airfare Credit

Frequent Flyer A


Your $200 creates "travel funds." 

- Important - make sure that you have the confirmation number written down because you can check them only by confirmation number and exact passenger name. It can be challenging to find them at a later date.

 - The value cannot be used against another person's flight; instead, the use is limited to the original passenger. 

 - The travel funds have an expiration date of one year from the original purchase (and cannot be "refreshed" by booking a new ticket, then cancelling).

 - You can use the funds to pay for multiple flights.  In the new system (on a computer) when paying for the new flight, click "travel funds" under the Payment Method, then click the tab/words "travel funds" again and you can put in the details and click "apply funds."  The system will show the remaining balance which can be used on other tickets.  (I am not sure if the mobile site would follow this same procedure, but there is probably a way to use funds there as well.)

-  You can only use two "travel funds" and a credit card (three methods of payment), so try not to accumulate a lot of small amounts.  This may not be an issue for you.


If you search "travel funds" on this website or the website, you will hopefully find answers to other questions you might have.


Re: Applyting Airfare Credit

Aviator A

The travel funds from the cancelled flight can be used to purchase multiple flights, $200 credit can be used to buy $70, $90, and a $40 flight or applied towards a more expensive flight, using a credit card to cover the remaining balance, BUT all travel must complete within one year of when you originally purchased the reservation you canceled AND the travel funds can only be used by the passenger(s) that were on the original, canceled reservation. If the original purchase was $100 for passenger A and $100 for passenger B, that's how the travel funds have to be applied to a future purchase.


Hope that clarifies things for you



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