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Atlanta to Detroit Non-stop flights

New Arrival

There are no more non-stop flights between Atlanta, GA and Detroit, MI. Is this permanent?


This is our most traveled destinations. We also carry the SW Visa Card. The current connections are very inconvenient.


Given this situation, we may need to switch Airlines and Credit card.


Very unfortunate.


Re: Atlanta to Detroit Non-stop flights

Top Contributor

Sorry to hear that you lost your non stop.


Routes come and go. Maybe this one will come back. No one here can tell you whether or not it will since this is a customer to customer forum.


I'd suggest that you e-mail the airline to let it know you want to see the flight re-instated. I'd suggest an e-mail. To send one click on contact us at the bottom  of this page. Then pic e-mail from the contact options listed on the top left of the ensuing page.