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August 30, 2018 Fares Released

Explorer C

Does anyone know exactly what time the new schedule of fares was released this morning, August 30, 2018.  I got up at 5:30 AM CST to book fares for my family to fly to Florida at the end of March.  Some of the Wanna Get Away fares were already sold out.   Does anyone know what time they released these fares this morning?


As you know Southwest will always tell you the date that the next schedule of fares will be released, but they keep on changing the time.  


Any help is appreciated.


Re: August 30, 2018 Fares Released

Aviator A



There is no one single time that the schedule updates. It rolls out piece by piece until the update is done. Normally the update is complete by 8 or 9 am Central time.


Also, the fact that some cheap fares were not available when you looked does not necessarily mean that others bought them all. On routes/days with expected heavy demand the company may not have made any cheap fares avaialble for purchase.


I've seen this happen before. The company may back off and offer cheaper fares in the future. I'd suggest that you check for cheaper fares between now and your date of travel.

Re: August 30, 2018 Fares Released

Aviator B

They are currently accepting air reservations through April 7, 2019. On September 27, 2018 They will open the schedule for sale through June 8, 2019. This date is subject to change! Please check back frequently.